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It’s been awhile since I’ve blogged here ~ just the dailiness of life. 🙂

Leah is 20 years old now and will turn 21 years old this year ~ a legal adult. So hard to believe! It seems yesterday that she was a little baby in that pink nightgown at the hospital.

She’s still drawing every day on her graphic art tablet. She made a goal in January 2015 to “draw 365,” drawing something new every day. This year she began experimenting with watercolor paints and charcoal pencils to draw by hand.  

Here’s a sample of her work below. She likes to draw eyes for some reason. When I asked her about this, she replied, “The eyes are the windows to the soul. A lot of artists focus on drawing or painting one body part.”

Drawing one body part helps the artist to refine his or her skill. Because Leah is so prophetic, I thought that her drawing eyes was also symbolic of her spiritual gifting~ a seer. My husband Ray said his mom and his sister used to draw eyes a lot, too. Interesting. I am AMAZED at how realistic the eye looks!

blue eye Copyright 2015 Leah Jones

blue eye
Copyright 2015 Leah Jones

She also likes to draw things from nature: trees, flowers, mountains, clouds.

watercolors Copyright 2015 Leah Jones

Copyright 2015 Leah Jones

Leah is continuing to take Suzuki method violin lessons from her instructor, Emily. She practices everyday. She now plays classical music, hymns, Christmas music, Irish jigs, and has even written a few songs of her own. Leah is so doing so well and I’m very proud of her! 

Leah with acoustic, German-made violin

Leah with acoustic, German-made violin

One of the new things that happened this year is that Leah’s older sister, Heather, gave her a car!

It is a royal blue Ford Escape, automatic drive, good radio system with CD player, black leather interior, and a sunroof. Heather bought new tires for it last year. She had it detailed (cleaned) for Leah.  What a blessing!

Leah in her "new" car

Leah in her “new” car

Heather bought an almost-new, chocolate-covered Kia SUV and is very happy with her new wheels, too! It is nice! I’m so happy for these blessings for our daughters!

Heather & her new Kia SUV with the salesman

Heather & her new Kia SUV with the salesman

Leah graduated two years ago from our homeschool. She still “doesn’t know” what she wants to do now, whether to go to college or to work.

Ray and I have been encouraging her to take some type of first step. I’m like a racehorse, rarin’ to go out of the starting gate to run, so this is difficult for me to have an indecisive child who always says, “I don’t know.” (“It drives me up the wall!” is a more accurate way to say it!)

It would also help us financially if Leah would work, at least part-time, to contribute to the household, such as for her gas, car insurance, and violin lessons. I think working would also teach her more responsibility and help prepare her for the “real world” and to have more independence, eventually being on her own. (I’m not in a hurry for her to move out, being our last child, but some day she will have to fly the nest! She can’t live with us until she’s 30 or 40!)

I am so very thankful that she doesn’t give us any trouble as some teens and young adults do living at home, and that she helps with household chores, practices the violin without us asking her to (and draws/paints on her own initiative as it’s her passion), and that she enjoys spending time with Ray and me and our family.

Art and music are the language of Leah’s soul. She’s a very creative person, so a 9 to 5 job probably would bore her to tears. I believe whatever God has for her, it isn’t the status quo. 

She’s also extremely shy, like Ray and I both used to be (we grew out of it), so interviews and new experiences like college are intimidating for her. (She has had an interview, but didn’t get the job yet.)

I know without a doubt that God’s hand is upon her and I’m praying for Him to give her wisdom, clarity, and direction for her life this year.  But I believe she really needs to take some kind of action step THIS year! Please keep her in prayer.

Do you have any children (almost grown) who didn’t know what they wanted to do after graduation? What was their experience? Do you have any tips for helping to guide them? Leave your comments below.

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