Leah’s EMT class

Our beautiful daughter Leah

Our beautiful daughter Leah

Leah has been taking my husband Ray’s EMT training class at the hospital where he works. It’s the first time she’s ever really been in a “classroom” environment, so it’s been a different experience for her. There’s certain perks with your dad being the primary instructor, like being able to ask him questions about the material in the textbook any time!

Leah doesn’t have any desire to be an EMT but since Ray was having the class, he wanted her to take it. We both thought it was a good idea for her to learn the much needed, practical skills and for the socialization with men and women of various ages, backgrounds, personalities, etc. 

There is a ton of reading with this class, so she’s stressed out right now, but she’s been doing well in the class, making A’s on the tests.

Next week she begins her clinicals where she’ll be working 12-hour shifts at the ER. Thankfully she’s working with Ray who can be a support to her and answer any questions. She’s really nervous about it so please pray for her!

I don’t know what the new year in 2016 holds for her, but believe it will be good. Please continue praying for God’s wisdom and direction for her as she seeks Him on her next step—whether that is college (art classes) and/or a job. 

Leah just turned 21 years old. It’s so hard to believe she’s now an adult. It seems only yesterday she was a baby in that pink hospital gown. Ray and I are very proud of the beautiful, wise, highly intelligent, funny, creative, spiritually gifted, loving, godly woman she has become.

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