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Leah graduating EMT class as salutatorian

Leah graduating EMT class as salutatorian. Ray as her instructor & proud dad giving her certificate that she earned

It’s been awhile since I updated this blog, but in my last blog post, I shared that Leah was taking an EMT class that her dad Ray was teaching at the hospital where he works. Leah didn’t think she would be able to pass the class or her clinicals, but she graduated as salutatorian–the second highest grade in the class! She only missed being the valedictorian by a couple of points. 

Below is a picture of her entire EMT graduating class with the EMT certificates they earned. Leah is on the first row, 3rd person from left. 

Leah's graduating EMT class

Leah’s graduating EMT class

Leah conquered her fears by taking this class. She thought she would fail the tests, when she actually scored among the highest grades in the class.

She really battled fear about doing her practical clinicals, thinking she would mess up, and we thought she was going to back out of them, but toward the end of the class she scheduled hers and she did great! Leah checked blood pressure, took patients’ pulses, and did anything else the doctors, nurses, and medics assigned her to do. She said she actually enjoyed it as she was learning new things. Ray made sure that she scheduled at least a few of the clinicals on the same shifts that he worked, so that he’d be there to help her.

On her last EMT call, she got a quick dose of reality of the difficulties and intense stress of Ray’s job as a paramedic. When the crew arrived at the scene, the patient was dead. While I was horrified she experienced this as a student, Ray thought it was a good thing because she saw first-hand what he deals with on a regular basis. 

Leah never took the class because she wanted to be an EMT. Ray was offering the class at his work, and he thought it’d be a good idea for Leah to take it to gain the practical skills and to add it on her resume as she looked for a job. In today’s uncertain, scary world, it’s good to know basic medical and survival skills. She was able to do this with her resume, and add that she was the salutatorian which is impressive. 

Our beautiful daughter Leah

Our beautiful daughter Leah

So what is Leah doing today? She got her first job! Leah is a very quiet, shy, introverted person. Like me, she battles fears and she was scared to do the interviews. Interviews can be quite scary, but Ray and I worked with her on practice interviewing.

I looked up YouTube videos on what to do and what not to during an interview. Some of them were funny, which helped her to just relax about it. To her surprise and our delight, she got her first job on what was only her second interview! Praise God!

Today Leah is a cashier at a grocery store in a bigger city. She did so well during her training that they said she finished her probationary period a month earlier than she was supposed to! She opened her own checking and savings account in her name, with the goal of saving for a new desktop computer. She’d also like to be able to trade in her car one day for a newer car. 

Our precious Leah

Our precious Leah

She’s considering enrolling in college in 2017, taking an introductory art class or a few basic ed classes to work toward earning her associate’s degree. If this is God’s will for her, I pray she’ll be able to do this. 

Leah often helps her sister Heather babysit her girls Annabelle and Violet, taking them to or picking them up from school, making them do their homework, feeding them supper, and ensuring they take their showers before bedtime on the nights Heather has to work late at her 2nd job.

This is such a help to Heather and is quite a responsibility; it’s preparing Leah for motherhood one day as a wife and mom. This year Leah has taken huge steps of faith to move toward adult independence.

Leah with acoustic, German-made violin

Leah with acoustic, German-made violin

Meanwhile, Leah continues working on her art on her graphic art tablet and taking weekly violin lessons. Below is a sample of art she drew by hand. One of the things Leah often draws is people’s eyes. Another artist I know said this is common for artists. It is said that the eyes are the windows to the soul. The eye below looks so real! Leah is amazing!

Leah's art

Leah’s art

Each time I look at her art or hear her play beautiful music on her violin, tears come to my eyes. She is so gifted and talented. Ray and I are so very proud of her. I love her so much. She is precious.

I trust that God will continue guiding Leah in her purpose and calling. But I have raised you up for this very purpose, that I might show you my power and that my name might be proclaimed in all the earth.”(Exodus 9:16)

Leah, 2016

Leah, 2016

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