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Recently I had a reader email me and ask me for tips on selling information products online. Frankly I didn’t feel qualified to answer the question since my product sales aren’t what I want them to be…but I am persevering until I achieve my dreams!   However, I have an incredible writing coach who IS very successful and my inspiration (we’re talking a six-figure income for the last several years!), and I have studied other writers and speakers over the last year who have also experienced great online success. These tips are what I’ve gleaned from listening to them, which I’d like to pass onto you.

  • Pray and ask God to direct your path. Study His word. It will give you wisdom and help.
  • Ask for His divine appointments. God knows people we don’t know who could help us, mentor us, coach us, and show us the way to success.
  • Social media is huge. Be active on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media sites. You can choose 2-3 to be active on consistently. That is better than being on 20 of them and not being on them enough.
  • Blog regularly – 2 to 3 times a week at least is best.Offer great content.
  • People need to see you, get to know, trust, and like you. Let people get to know you through blogging, social media, articles, audios, videos.
  • Be yourself, be authentic and transparent.
  • Know who you are, what you’re about, what your niche market is (your audience), and what problem you can help them solve or pain you can help to heal.
  • Comment on other blogs in your niche.
  • Be a life-long student. Take seminars, webinars, classes, read lots of books.
  • Be a friend to others. Love others.
  • Use lots of video. Video is hot right now. 
  • Do public speaking. I’ve never had to ask for a speaking opportunity. God has always opened the door. Speaking will help you to sell your books on tables in the back of the room.
  • Tell other people about your books. Tell everyone.
  • Use Aweber or another autoresponder and send out an ezine – twice a month or at the very least once a month. Write articles in it, share practical tips, and give other good content.
  • Do article marketing. Write articles for Ezine articles. It has a resource box at the end of your article where you put your name and website.
  • Submit articles to magazines for publication. This gains you credibility. Credibility is vital.
  • Network with successful people. Learn from them. Glean all you can from what they’re doing.
  • However, follow the unique path God has for YOU. You have a calling that only YOU can fulfill – gifts He has put inside of you that no one else has.
  • Find out what sets you apart from others in your same field and capitalize on that. It’s called your Unique Selling Point. Ask yourself (and answer), “Why would people want to buy from me? Why would they want to buy this book?” Then share it.
  • Above all, PRAY, PRAY, PRAY and DON’T GIVE UP. Press on. Persevere. Have faith in God. Seek His face and obey Him, and He WILL bless you!
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