Working on new projects for new year

Beth Jones

I know it’s been quiet here lately and at my website, but I have been working on some new projects that are coming up in the new year: my webinar on women and spiritual warfare and an ebook on the same topic. Today I did something quiet spontaneous – I ran across a theme that I liked, downloaded it, and created a new website for writers, speakers, and bloggers.

 Here is the link for you to check it out. I’m still building it, so stick around!  🙂  And I would love to know what you think of it so far! Leave your comments here or at the site, entering your name and email address. 

Christmas is just around the corner and I have some major shopping to do!  We have been watching our finances the past few months due to some extra expenses, so believe it or not I haven’t been able to do much shopping!  I am NOT a last minute shopper, so this should prove interesting.  What about you? Are you all done?

And what about homeschooling? Do you take a break during the Christmas holidays or just do a lighter day? We choose the latter – or at least I choose it and Leah generally complies. 🙂 

We stopped studies yesterday, and are making plans for our kids and grandkids to all come over on Christmas Day at some point.  Our oldest daughter Heather, her husband Kyle, and their two daughters Annabelle and Violet left early yesterday morning to drive from Kansas City, MO to Destin, FL.

They spent the night in Mississippi last night, and arrived in Destin, FL, tonight.  They are exhausted from the long drive (LOTS of stops with two little girls!), but are very excited. I just wish I was there with them to enjoy the beautiful ocean!  They are planning to drive back home and be here for the big family dinner sometime on Christmas Day. Eden and her precious toddler boy Jacob will be joining us.

What are your plans for the holidays? Are you doing anything new?  Let’s remember to keep it Christ centered and be thankful for our continued freedoms in the U.S. to worship Jesus and to celebrate His birth!

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