Art in your homeschool

Beth Jones

Do you like to draw? My mother-in-law Judy, my sister-in-law Mechelle, my husband Ray, our middle daughter Eden, and our youngest daughter Leah are all INCREDIBLE artists! However, I can hardly draw good stick figures! But I love looking at THEIR art, and really enjoy going to art museums, like Leah and I did this week when we went on a field trip to the Kansas City Nelson Atkins museum.

It’s important to incorporate electives in your homeschool, such as music and art. Charlotte Mason emphasized “picture study,” in which children ages six to 15 studied reproductions of pictures of some 30 great artists.

Through art, they are put in touch with those things that are beautiful and worthwhile, it opens their minds’ gates to new, intelligent ideas, and it provides a treasure storehouse of lovely images to help defend them from the images the world bombards them with daily (The Charlotte Mason Companion, Karen Andreola, p. 190).

Some great tips to display your child’s own art can be found here:

Below are some samples of our youngest daughter’s art for you to enjoy (please don’t copy; they are copyrighted.) She draws art both by hand and with her computer graphic art program. There is a lot of art Leah won’t share with anyone publicly right now as she says, “It’s not ready yet,” but here’s a few she was willing for me to show here.

I love the mouse one; isn’t it adorable? You should see some of the art she’s done on her computer! It just blows Ray and me away. Enjoy!

Copyright 2010-Leah Jones-dusk

Copyright 2010-Leah Jones-mouse

Copyright 2010-Leah Jones-planet

Copyright 2010-Leah Jones-moon

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