Beth Jones

Beth Jones

Welcome to The Word Homeschooling. I created this website during the last leg of our journey to encourage homeschooling parents and myself.

I wish so much that I’d started it much sooner for my own personal diary, from beginning to the end.

I loved homeschooling and miss it. I homeschooled our oldest daughter Heather in her last two years of high school until graduation, and after that she attended and graduated from YWAM’s discipleship and missionary training school. During her training, she traveled to Peru, Columbia and Brazil and India for a month each on mission trips, and on stateside mission trips as well.

We homeschooled our youngest daughter Leah all the way through her education, from preschool to high school graduation in 2012.

I consider my children and homeschooling one of the greatest privileges and gifts God has ever given me. Yes, it was hard, frustrating, and even overwhelming at times, but it was also a joy. Some of my best memories come from our homeschooling days. Most importantly, I obeyed God to teach our children at home.

Ray and I are very proud of our daughters today. They are beautiful inside and out, are spiritually gifted and talented, love Jesus, work hard, are responsible, intelligent, funny, loving, and giving, have good friends and fun, and help others.

Homeschooling your children can be very challenging. Some days you feel all alone and you may wonder why you’re doing this! I understand.

Here at this website, I share with you the good days, and the bad. I want to encourage you in your homeschool journey, especially on those days you want to give up. I felt that way many times, but am so glad I didn’t!

I promise you, it goes so fast. Cherish these precious moments with your children! Be sure to take the time to enjoy your children. Sometimes just put the books away and go have FUN to make beautiful memories!

You can read about some of our homeschooling journey in my blog posts by clicking here.

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You can contact me anytime with questions, comments, or prayer requests here. I’d love to hear from you! There were so many times I wished I’d had a close friend or more support from other homeschooling parents when I first started out.

I encourage you to find a good, Christian homeschooling co-op near you, where your kids can go on fun field trips, take classes that you’re not offering yourself, get prayer and learn about new resources.

You can buy my Amazon Best Seller eBook about our family’s homeschooling journey, The Call of Wisdom: Teaching Your Children at Home, on Amazon here.

Now find a quiet spot with your favorite drink, relax, and enjoy this homeschooling sacred space.

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