Getting antsy this spring?


Is your child (or you!) getting antsy this spring? When the sun comes out and the flowers bloom after a long, cold winter, everyone just wants to get outdoors and play! And why not? Spring is the perfect time of year to put away the books, and get outside.

Here are a list of a few outdoor activities that might be fun for your homeschooling  (don’t forget, some can be marked as “Phys Ed”!):

Gardening – vegetable, fruit, herb, or flower (Read The Secret Garden for inspiration)

Horseback riding

Swimming/swimming lessons

Tennis, walking, jogging, kickball, swinging, volleyball at the park

Picnics – have Japanese or Chinese for a change with a beautiful tablecloth

Observatory for astronomy

Rock climbing

Laser tag/paintballing

Skydiving lessons



A simple, enjoyable walk around the neighborhood  – perfect for nature study with mom and a good camera!

Use your imagination. Ask your child for his or her ideas. You will be surprised what fun things they come up with!  Then just do it. No fear, excuses, adult reasoning. Just go have some fun, exercise your body, and enjoy God’s beautiful creation!

I perhaps owe having become a painter to flowers. ~Claude Monet

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