You are making a difference with your writing

Sometimes you wonder if you’re making any difference here.

You know that this life is not all about YOU. But maybe you don’t want to just “play small.” Maybe you have BIG dreams and long for more. Being “average” and mediocrity are unacceptable to you.

Today we hear the term Rock Star which is supposed to be a positive, but stardom is fleeting and not always fulfilling, as Michael Jackson’s and Whitney Houston’s superstar lives and tragic, early deaths attest.

Or you finally reach fame and fortune, but get caught up in cocaine addiction and alcoholism like Belinda Carlisle (formerly of the Go-Go Girls) or Lindsay Lohan.

Or maybe you haven’t reached stardom at all, and you don’t WANT to, but you do desire for your life to make an IMPACT, a real difference.

Today I was encouraged with an email from a woman, who recently bought 50 copies of my book on women and spiritual warfare to teach as a Bible study at her church.

She said she appreciated, “your willingness to bring sensitive subject matter that is a real part of the human experience to the place where we can peel aware layers of secrecy or deliberate denial. Only God knows how each story is affecting each lady, but I believe this will have been a life-changing summer study.”

Jane VanOsdol’s chapter on her newborn baby dying from birth defects made the women in this Bible study cry. Many women also relate to Stephanie Buckwalter’s story of depression.

The Bible study teacher who bought my book said it is challenging her and the women in the class to look closer at what they believe.

More than anything, The Hands Of A Woman makes you much more aware of the spiritual battle that rages around us every day. If we could see or hear it, we would be shocked.

You are making more of a difference with your writing than you think.

Keep writing!

“We can do no great things – only small things with great love.” – Mother Teresa, Founder of the Missionaries of Charity


Click here to learn more about my book, The Hands Of A Woman: Everyday Women In Everyday Battles

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