Trusting in God – or what you’ve made?

This morning’s email inbox had a short devotional from Tyndale Publishers, and I thought it was so profound and good. I wanted to share it here with you:

“What good is an idol carved by man, or a cast image that deceives you? How foolish to trust in your own creation–a god that can’t even talk!” Idolatry may seem like a sin that modern people need not fear. But idolatry is not just bowing down to idols; it is trusting in what one has made, and therefore, in one’s own power as creator and sustainer. If we say we worship God but put our trust in bank accounts, homes, businesses, and organizations, then we are idolaters. Do you trust God more than you trust what your hands have made?”

I believe with all my heart that God has put great gifts inside each of us that He wants to use for His glory. Writing and speaking, coaching, entrepreneurship, all these are gifts from His hand. At this site I encourage you to write and speak to glorify God, which includes making books, ebooks, audios, podcasts, webinars, teleseminars, etc.

In fact, I just finished writing my new ebook on women and spiritual warfare, The Hands Of A Woman: Everyday Women In Everyday Battles, and encourage you to buy it because it is so powerful. You can find out more about my ebook by clicking here. I’m interviewing another one of the contributor writers for this ebook today, Susan Evans, at 12 p.m. Central Time at TalkShoe.

But it’s important that we trust God more than we trust in what our hands have made! Yes, God may have inspired us to create something wonderful – but we have to trust in God, not in that product/service. We have to trust in GOD”S power to even sell it, not the product’s (or our) ability to do so. Our hearts must belong to God alone.

What  a great reminder from Tyndale’s staff!

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