The FLIP video camera for your business

Video is hot right now, and if you’re not using it for your business, I encourage you to jump on board. One incredible tool to record videos that I use for my writing/speaking business is the FLIP Ultra II video recorder. I use mine all the time, and have recorded 148 videos on YouTube this past year.

The FLIP is amazingly simple and easy to use, with just the push of a button. It uses the FLIP battery pack or regular batteries. You can plug it straight into the USB port of your laptop or computer and upload your video straight to YouTube. The Ultra HD II is less than $90 for one hour and less than $130 for two hours of recording time…a small investment that will reap benefits for your business.

If you’re like some people, you don’t like the idea of seeing yourself on video. So get creative! Record your husband, your kids, your friends, the beach, nature, the weather, a sports game, driving down the road, an instructional video, or just whatever you want to record!

If you’re a writer or speaker, you need to FLIP! 🙂

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