Summer fun

Woman relaxing on hammock at beach
Woman relaxing on hammock at beach

I’ve been super busy the last 6 months, between planning and hosting the RELEASED Women’s Conference in Kansas City, moving to our new beautiful home, and wrapping up coaching a client.

I finally have my new office organized. Yay, feels so good!

Now I’m praying for God to show me my next step in speaking and writing.

I’m now booking speaking engagements for fall and winter 2013 and throughout 2014, so if you are an event planner or you know someone who needs a speaker for their women’s event, email me at

Meanwhile, for relaxation I’m reading Lysa Terkeust’s book, Who Holds The Key To Your Heart?

What new books are you reading this summer?

Don’t forget to take time out this summer for fun in the sun with your family and friends! But don’t forget the sunscreen! 🙂

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Welcome to my site

Beth Jones

Hey, come on in, relax, and have a hot latte’.  This place is to encourage writers, speakers, and bloggers from God’s word and to share great resources from writers and speakers. Here you’ll find inspiration, tips, resources, time-savers, and a growing, close friendship from people just like you, who desire to to share your heart’s burning messages to help others and to make a difference here for God’s glory.

I remember the first time I ever went to a writers’ conference several years ago. It was in the beautiful Albuquerque, New Mexico mountains, and it was the only time I’d ever met other people who “got” me – writers and speakers. They had to write; it was an obsession…even late into the night!  Finally here were people who were really different than people in my daily, routine world – they actually wanted to get up in front of a  LOT of people and talk about things on their heart!

Let’s do it together here in A Latte’ and A Writing Room.
Jump in and share your thoughts. Ask questions. Let’s pray for each other so that we can become all that God has created us to be.I’d love to hear from you! You can contact me at

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