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Beth Jones International Speaker Amazon Best Seller Author
Beth Jones
International Speaker
Amazon Best Seller Author

This isn’t my main website, and I forget to update my blog here sometimes. So I’ve had other things happening since the last time I blogged here. For starters, I wrote and finished my first FICTION book! Woot! My husband Ray and our daughter Leah are avid fiction book fans and sci fi geeks.

Ray has been encouraging me for years to write a fiction book. I had every excuse you could think of, the main one being I don’t usually read fiction and I’d never written fiction before so I didn’t know how to write it. He said writers of classics like Ernest Hemingway or Jane Austen didn’t take fiction writing classes, either; just sit down and write it.

Hemingway said this is how you overcome writer’s block: “I would stand and look out over the roofs of Paris and think, “Do not worry. You have always written before and you will write now. All you have to do is write one true sentence. Write the truest sentence that you know.” So finally I would write one true sentence, and then go on from there.”

Storm Tossed book series 1

So I did write the fiction book–and the response to it surprised me. I have 5-star reviews at Amazon and it became an Amazon Best Seller in its category and sub-category! The book is called Storm Tossed and you can buy it here.

The other things I’ve done since I last blogged here are to upload the rest of the books I’ve written to KDP. It’s been a goal of mine for two years to get all 10 of the books I’ve written on Amazon for the Kindle. This weekend I accomplished that! You can find all my books I’ve written on my Amazon Author Page here.

The Hands of a Woman: Everyday Women in Everyday Battles at Amazon

The most recent one is my book on prayer and spiritual warfare–8 women’s true, inspiring stories of how they overcame their greatest spiritual battles in their own “War Room” of prayer through faith in Christ and standing on God’s eternal word. 

The Cheesecake Factory cheesecake
The Cheesecake Factory cheesecake

Now what? I celebrate this dream and huge goal! This week I’m going out with my husband Ray for a nice dinner to celebrate. I’m thinking The Cheesecake Factory at The Plaza in Kansas City, MO! Yum!

Whatever dreams and goals you’ve accomplished, even if it’s a small goal, celebrate it. It’s important to acknowledge what you’ve done. Then set some new dreams and goals, and go kick butt! With God’s help you can do it. 

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I’m writing my first fiction book

My husband Ray has been encouraging me for awhile to write my first fiction book. I’ve always bawked, saying that I’d never done that before, but then I hadn’t ever written a book before when I wrote my first one! Finally this year, I decided to just go for it and do it!

My first fiction book, Storm Tossed, is due to be released in 2015. I’ve been working on it the last several weeks. I found the beautiful cover at Istock and hired a graphic designer to design the eBook cover for Amazon. I love it! What do you think?

Storm Tossed book series 1

The book is about a Christian woman, Rachel, who travels to Destin, Florida (a play on the word “destiny” and because I love the ocean!) to get away from everyone and everything and really think and pray about her life: her deeply troubled marriage to her husband Jackson, their unhappy but extremely creative daughter Faith, the strained relationship Rachel has with her stepdaughter Autumn, and Rachel’s chaotic writing career.

When Rachel goes to Florida, it is hurricane season, but she thought she’d be okay. Hurricane Ana strikes while she is there. Rachel has to face the storm not only outside, but within herself. Only Jesus can give her the peace she needs.

It’s got a LOT of autobiography in it, which wasn’t my intent when I began writing it, but that’s the way the book is taking shape! My goal is to have it released on Amazon by July 2015. 

To my surprise, the manuscript is becoming longer in length than I thought it’d be, and it’s now novella length. Ray is joking that it’s soon going to be a novel.

To be first to hear about this eBook’s release and public launch, sign up with your name and email address here at The Writing Room at the top of the page on the right hand side. You’ll also receive my free gift, A Cuppa’ Muse, and my new updates.

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The Cinderella Story: The Power of Shoes is at Amazon!

The Cinderella Story: The Power of Shoes Copyright 2015
The Cinderella Story: The Power of Shoes
Copyright 2015

I’m so happy and excited to announce that my new eBook, The Cinderella Story: The Power of Shoes, is now live at Amazon!

My graphic designer, Christine Dupre, did a beautiful job with the cover and my editor/formatter Hanne Moon did an amazing job and helped me to get it uploaded on Kindle Direct Publishing at Amazon. (This is an option for you as a writer!)

You can get the eBook for your Kindle for just $2.99 by clicking here. I plan to eventually get it in print.

The first day, it was an Amazon Best Seller in its category and sub-category!

I’d love to know what you think of it. Please leave a review at Amazon.

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