Should you self-publish or use a traditional publisher?

Today there are so many more options for writers to get the messages of their heart out there: traditional publishing, self publishing, publishing on the Kindle or other E-Readers, etc. Technology is changing so fast, and with it the face of publishing books. Self-publishing is now longer viewed as negatively as it once was. (Example: Seth Godin’s best-selling, self-published books)

Below is a video by traditionally published authors Tim Ferris and Rami Sethi regarding the benefits and the drawbacks of traditional publishing and self-publishing. They both lean toward traditional publishing, and Rami used to have a negative view of self-publishing but his opinion has changed since then.

You can read a great post by Trissa Tismal by clicking here.

Some great advice she gave was, “Regardless which route you decide to take, what’s important is learning everything you can to make your book a success. In the end it’s up to you to make your book a bestseller.

I’d love to know your experiences with either traditional publishing and self-publishing, and what you think of this video. Leave your comments below.

Video – self-publishing vs. traditional publishing

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