Knitting: What hobbies do your kids enjoy?

Chocolate cupcakes

Yea, I know it’s been awhile since I’ve been here and I do apologize! One of my goals for 2011 is more consistent blogging at all my sites. 🙂  I hope you had a great Valentine’s Day!

I had a good one.  Our daughter Leah and I made chocolate cupcakes – yum! Don’t they look cute the way I decorated them?  I found a sheer, red tablecloth, red heart-shaped, plastic plates, and red, heart napkins at Walmart for just a few dollars.

I got fresh flowers as a gift from my dh, worked on a presentation for Cindy Rushton’s Talk-A-Latte retreat (I’ll be speaking THIS Thursday at 3:30 p.m. and would LOVE to see you there!), and then I went to zumba (aerobics – our oldest daughter Heather slave-drives teaches it. Just kidding. She’s actually a wonderful instructor! We just started class again, so I am adjusting again (muscles a little sore!).

Do your kids have fun hobbies? I think Leah may have a new one (me, too!)  This week Heather came over to teach us how to knit. I know, it should be the other way around with me teaching them!

But no one taught me how to sew or do any crafts as I was growing up. My mother worked fulltime, so she didn’t have time to sew with working and taking care of four kids!  My grandmother Moore made quilts, a lost art today. I did ask her to teach me to quilt, but somehow it never happened before she died several years ago.  When Heather learned knitting from a friend at a Superbowl party last week, she was very excited and wanted to show us how. Now we’re hooked!  🙂

It’s really easy to do with the knifty knitter. Leah has already finished knitting her blue scarf, including the fringes (tassles)!  I told her that it’s knitting, not a race!  I am still working on my dark purple one, but hope to have it done within the next couple of days – in between everything else on the to-do list!  Leah wants to make a multi-colored scarf next (the artist in her!), and to try knitting hats, too.  Here are pictures of her scarf:

Leah's blue scarf

Leah's scarf with fringes (tassles)

What hobbies do your kids enjoy? Don’t forget, as you’re working on projects like these, you can use them as credits in your children’s homeschooling.  You can use a title of “Home Economics,” “Living Skills,” or “Arts and Crafts” but these are great for elective credits!

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